We Are The World Sponsorship Packet 2 (2).png
We Are The World Sponsorship Packet 2.png

In January of 1985, 45 of America’s top musicians came together to support one of the most successful collaborations of humanitarian aid in history – the singing of “We are the World.” Hearing students singing the song in the halls of the HIM By HER Collegiate School for the Arts, Harry Dunn, founder of the school, was inspired once again by the heartfelt lyrics. This led him to organize a We Are the World Festival event on June 3, 2022, 4501 E. 32nd Street, Indianapolis, 46218.

On June 3, from 9 to 11 am, all are invited to join in at the school. Whether you’re a child or adult, a first responder, a teacher, black, white or any other ethnic group, you’re invited to sing out along with the students as the famous song is played and sung four times through. If you don’t want to sing, plan to come out to support the singers and their message. In addition to the singing, there will be many festival type activities. These will include food trucks, bounce houses, and various bands performing different genres of music. All of this family-fun will be admission free.

“We are the World,” the charity single written by Michael Jackson and Lional Richie, has been credited with creating a climate that highlighted how racially diverse musicians could work together to create a life changing event. This is essentially the reason that the HIM By HER Foundation was established in 2014 and the Collegiate School of the Arts in 2020 by Harry Dunn III, and his wife Michelle. Together they started the HIM By HER Foundation - “Helping Improve Mankind By Healing Every Race".

The hope is that the We are the World event will bring people together to not just sing but to remind us that we’re all in this together, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or any other differences.

HIM By HER™ is respectfully and humbly seeking sponsorship funding to carry out its events and programs. All appropriate contributions will be accepted, whether large or small. HIM By HER™ has special donor levels listed below entitling the donor to be specially recognized in communications with the public (with the donorʼs consent). The special donor levels are:

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