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Him By Her Academic Team


Greetings from HIM By HER™! We would like to welcome you to the 22-23 school year. We are thrilled to be a part of this community where we are achieving high academic success.

The staff will be working hard to make all instruction rigorous and appropriate for your scholar. We believe your scholar is a very special individual who needs and deserve a happy, secure, and challenging environment in which to grow academically and socially. Each day, We vow that all the staff here, will help your scholar explore, develop, and implement the needed strategies for success.

It will be our goal and commitment to ensure an excellent educational experience for the scholar, families and staff at Him By Her Collegiate School For The Arts. We confidently believe that parent engagement and school achievement are two pillars that lead to overall success of scholars.


I look forward to serving your scholar and family as we begin for some and continue for others this journey towards greatness and success.


In partnership,


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