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Children Embracing in Circle


HIM By HER Foundation, Inc. (“HIM By HER”) endeavors to lower the participation of marginalized youth in the criminal justice system, whether as juveniles or eventual adults.  The Foundation will accomplish this by providing life skills education and training through its innovative programs to participants to give them the knowledge and inspiration for positive life choices that may be in short supply in their surroundings.

(“HIM By HER”) can assist the City and State’s growing marginalized populations with our established planned and structured approach to job training, case management and life enhancing skills resulting in greater workforce competence, greater motivation, entrepreneurship opportunity, and overall improvement in life and work success.  Each participant gains self-esteem while each potential employer can gain a great employee with greater productivity and profitability.


Although training programs may be beneficial at any time during a person’s life time, our programs are focused during a young person’s typical highest risk period, the final six to twenty-four months of their post-secondary education.  In addition to providing actual, community-based experience for people in school, recently separated from school or those who have been identified as youth at risk, HIM By HER programs provide an opportunity to educate local employers about the benefits and risks of employing our most at risk member of the community, paving the way for greater understanding and collaboration between the new workforce and the private sector.

Integrating participants into the workplace prior to their completion of the program will also help with the development of certain “soft skills” needed to maintain employment or start their own businesses. For example, in the controlled environment of a program, trainees can learn the difference between appropriate interpersonal skills needed in the community and workplace. Participants will observe firsthand the type of work ethic needed in the workforce to avoid re-incarceration in the future

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